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TAR, Domokos


M.dgr.in physics ETH-Zürich



Curriculum vitae

born in 1932: in Fiatfalva (village), in the hungarian part of RO: Székelyföld (Székely land in Eastern Transsylvania). Father: teacher, mother tongue: hungarian, other languages: german, english, french.

  • 1944-49: Orbŕn Balŕzs Gymnasium in Székelykeresztur (RO).
  • 1949-52: Gymnasium natural sciences in Kecskemét HU.
  • 1952-56: Physics study at the University of Budapest: ELTE HU.
  • 1957-59: Physics study at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-Zürich): M.dgr.in physics.
  • 1959-62: Research & Developing Dept. BROWN-BOVERI & Co. Baden Switzerland. Semiconductors, diodes and silicon controlled rectifiers, measuring techniques.
  • 1962-69: BATTELLE MEMORIAL INSTITUTE in Geneva Switzerland: experimental research in ferroelectricity and photoconductors, measuring techniques.
  • 1969-93: Research & Developing Dept.of the CERBERUS AG, Männedorf Switzerland: Developing of flame detectors.
  • 1996 Aug.: Registered in the "History of Swiss Science Collection", ETH-library Zürich: Hs 1409...manuscripts and portraits.
  • 1993- retired: hobbies: study of Ball lightning and Fusion reactors, walking in the mountains, photography, home-mechanic.


Ball Lightning and Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Ball Lightning could be the same or at least a very similar phenomenon to nuclear fusion in the stars. The author has observed a Ball Lightning event and presented a    new theory of its formation. On the basis of this theory he has proposed a new fusion experiment (incorporated in an EU patent). The realisation of the fusion's energy and its potential to produce many hundred times more energy than today's nuclear reactors, is a key-question for the survival of humanity

ˇ        D.Tar: Observation of Lightning Ball- A New Phenomenological Description (Part I); International Journal Unconventional Electromagnetics and Plasmas (UEP), Published by: Global Research Publ. ISSN: 0974-5831, Vol.3, Number1-2 (2011), Pages: 189-191.

ˇ        D.Tar: Lightning Ball and Ball Lightning: Two different Phenomena- A new Phenomenological Description (Part II); International Journal of Unconventional Electromagnetics and Plasmas (UEP), Published by Global Research Publ. ISSN: 0974-5831, Vol.3, Number 1-2 (2011), Pages: 193-198. 

ˇ        TAR Domokos: A mennydörgés és a lökéshullŕmok szerepe a villŕmgömb kialakulŕsŕban. Fizikai Szemle (Physikalische Rundschau) Budapest, 2010/7-8,237-240.

ˇ        D.TAR:Lightning Ball (Ball Lightning) Created by Thunder,Shock-Wave , Proceedings of 11-th Intern.Symposium on Ball Lightning,(ISBL-10),21.27 June 2010,p.168-173,Kant University Kaliningrad (RU).Preprint: http://arXiv.org/abs/1007.3348 

ˇ        TAR, Domokos and MÜLLER,K. Alexander (Nobel laureate): Spherical fusion reactor and method for maintaining or initiating a fusion, European patent specification: Ep 1 785 999 B1, Appl.Nr.:06123707.9 ;Date of publication and grant of mention : 04.03.2009. Swiss priority :10.11.2005 CH 18052005=   http://www.freepatentsonline.com/EP1785999.html 

ˇ        TAR, D.: New revelation of Lightning Ball Observation and proposal for a Nuclear Fusion Reactor experiment, International Symposium on Ball lightning, (ISBL-08), July 2008 Kaliningrad (RU), p.135-42. Preprint:     http://arXiv.org/abs/0910.2089v1 

ˇ        D.TAR: Observation of lightning Ball-A new phenomenological Description of the phenomenon (part I),9-th International Symposium on Ball lightning, (ISBL-06), aug.2006, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Preprint:    http://arXiv.org/abs/0910.0783v1

ˇ        D.TAR: Lightning Ball and Ball lighning: Two different phenomena- A new phenomenological Description of the phenomenon (part II) 9-th International Symposium on Ball lightning (ISBL-06), aug.2006, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Preprint:   http://arXiv.org/abs/0910.0783v1 

ˇ        TAR, D.: A gömbvillŕm keletkezésének, lefolyŕsŕnak és eltünésének megfigyelése, Fizikai Szemle, Budapest, 2004/10,334-38. Preprint:http://www.kfki.hu/fszemle/archivum/fsz0410/tard0410.html  

Flame Detectors

  • Tar Domokos: Lŕngdetektorok piroelektromos szenzorokkal, Fizikai Szemle, Budapest 1998/9, p.285-87.
  • Tar Domokos: Két ujtipusu tüzjelzö,, Fizikai Szemle, Budapest,1996/8, 272-74.
  • D. Tar: Cerberus Infrared Flame Detectors, III. International Symposium on fire protection of Buildings, Eger (HU), 1012 aug. 1990,p.174.
  • D. Tar: Two new Flame Detectors, Infrared Physics, 25 (1985), 249-51.
  • Domokos TAR: Radiation detector for flame alarm,US patent 4459484, publ. date:07/10/1984, (CH-publ.:26.11.81).
  • D.Tar: Two new Flame Detectors, Third Intern. Conf. on Infrared Physics, ETh-Zürich, July 23-27, 1984.
  • D.Tar: Zwei neue Flammenmelder, Helvetica Physica Acta,5 (1983) 961-65.
  • Domokos TAR: Flame detector, , US-patent No.: 4,280,058, July21, 1981, Swiss prior.date: apr.25,1978; 44678/78.

Other publications

  • Tar Domokos: Izsŕk Imre krŕter a holdon,, Fizikai Szemle, Budapest, 2003/3, 85-93.
  • Tar Domokos: A szülök szerepe a fiatalok fizika attitüdjének megjavitŕsŕban,, Fizikai Szemle , Budapest, 2000/10,348-49.
  • Tar Domokos: Selényi Pŕl és a xerogrŕfia,, Fizikai szemle, Budapest 1997/1. p.5-9.
  • H. Hoegl, G.Barchietto, D.Tar: On the photoconductive and Optical properties of poly-Vinyl-Carbazole Films, Intern.Conf.on Luminescence, Budapest, 23-30 aug. 1966, 132.
  • H.Hoegl, D.Tar, G.Barchietto: Application of Electrostatic Measurement Methods for the study of photoconductivity in Organic Materials,, Congrčs Intern. de Science photographyque, paris, 1965, 27 sept.-2 0ct. 1965.
  • D.Tar: Messungen der dielektrischen Eigenschaften der Borazite, Helvetica physica acta 37 (1964) fasc. 2, 165-72.

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Photograph of two flashes striking a Lightning Ball (photo Haunsperger in: Erdball und Weltall,ed.Prochnow,Bermühler    V.Berlin 1928)


Theory of the Lightning Ball formation


Creation of the Lightning Ball from a rotating air-cylinder


The plasma's crescent form is on the way of shrinking into a sphere




Symmetry breaking of the vortex ring




The principle of the spherical fusion reactor



Cerberus flame detectors (1979-97). They are manifactured now by SIEMENS B.T. in CH-6300-Zug (type nr.: DF-..)



Principle of infrared flame detector with two "eyes"